Andrew Shearer

Non-Executive Chair

Applied Geology, Hons Geophysics, MBA

Andrew is a seasoned executive with 28 years’ experience in the resource and finance sectors, with an ability to combine technical, management, strategic and financial experience. More recently he has specialised in setting strategy and creating companies, raising capital and executing value generating opportunities. Currently operating at the Chair and Director level across several, ASX listed, resources companies, in both executive and non-executive roles.

Establishing his career in the resources industry, Andrew has held technical and senior management roles with Mount Isa Mines Limited, Glengarry Resources Limited and the South Australian Government. Before moving into the finance sector in analyst roles, then transitioning into corporate advisory. Past and present board roles include, Andromeda Metals (ADN), Resolution Minerals (RML), Okapi Resources (OKR), Osmond Resources (OSM) and Investigator Resources (IVR).

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology from University of South Australia, Honours in Geophysics from Adelaide University and an MBA from the University of Adelaide.

Mr Shearer is regarded as an independent director of the Company.

Other current directorships of listed companies
Investigator Resources Limited – appointed 14 July 2020
Osmond Resources Limited – appointed 15 September 2021

Former directorships of other listed companies (last 3 years)
Okapi Resources Limited – resigned 10 May 2021
Andromeda Metals Limited – resigned 24 August 2022
Resolution Minerals Limited – resigned 28 September 2022